Friday, November 1, 2013

Attention All Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Members:

Starting December 1, 2013, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare will be offering members a new program called Elevate Healthcare HMO. You might be provided this as an option through your employer when you renew your health plan. Please be aware that even though this plan is through Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare ( HPHC) you will be significantly restricted in who you see for your medical care and where it is provided. The current network is restricted to 5 hospitals statewide and to a limited number of specialists. Only a small percentage of HPHC providers are in the Elevate network.

NHNSI is NOT a member of the ELEVATE Healthcare HMO, which will mean that you will need to change medical providers should you choose this health plan. Unlike other situations in the past where negotiations between healthcare providers and Insurance companies have been at the root of the problem, this is a situation where the health plan is choosing to limit the network. This is NOT based on performance or outcomes. At NHNSI we pride ourselves in tracking patient outcomes and providing cost effective treatment to all of our patients. We value you as our patient and strive to provide you the best treatment possible.

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