Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Treating Spinal Fractures

The importance of a Comprehensive Bone Health Clinic is that all the providers are treating the patient with a common goal: to avoid future fractures. The New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute is unique in our approach to spinal compression fractures as we have a team of experts to work together in addressing our patients’ problems. A spinal fracture occurs when one of the bones in the spinal column breaks. This type of fracture is also known as a vertebral compression fracture because the bone that breaks (the vertebral body) often cracks and collapses, becoming compressed. When patients come to us with back pain stemming from a vertebral compression fracture our team of professionals will look at the underlying cause of the problem through our Comprehensive Bone Health Clinic, utilize therapies such as PT and Bracing in cooperation with our Physical Therapists, or schedule the patient for surgery. In recent years, the treatment of spinal compression fractures has advanced considerably with the development of the surgical procedure known as Balloon Kyphoplasty.

With Balloon Kyphoplasty, an orthopedic balloon is used to elevate the bone fragments of the fractured vertebra and return them to the correct position. The incision site is approximately 1 cm in length. A hollow instrument is used to guide the balloon into the vertebra. The balloon is then inflated so that the collapsed vertebra is returned to its normal position. Once the vertebra is in the correct position, the balloon is deflated, leaving a space for bone cement. The cement stabilizes the fracture and holds the vertebra in place. The Kyphoplasty is minimally invasive. It is typically done in an outpatient setting at a hospital or surgery center. As with any procedure, there are potential risks and the procedure is not for everyone.

If you are suffering from back pain and have a history of fractures or bone loss you may be suffering from a compression fracture. It’s important to find the right course of treatment for you. Call New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute to find out more about our Comprehensive Bone Health Clinic at (603) 472-8888.

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