Friday, May 10, 2013

The Golf Enhancement Program

Spring is here! The weather is getting warmer, and people are heading outside for the long-awaited golf season. Before you grab your clubs and head to the golf course, make sure that you have prepared yourself for the physical demands of an 18-hole golf game. It’s important to treat golf as you would any sport, and preparation is always the key to avoiding injury.

Golf is one of the only major sports that does not require strenuous jumping, running, or physical contact, and because of this, players often don’t realize how great of an impact it can have on your joints and muscles. In recent years golf fitness has become a major part of being a better golfer. Golfers are being provided with the education to center their stretching and exercise routine around their sport. As with any sport, it is important to focus on the areas of the body that are most utilized so as not to suffer from injury. Golfers, in particular, may not realize that there is potential for injury or the impact an injury can have on their golf performance. If a player has suffered from an injury such as a strain, sprain, fracture or is recovering from a musculoskeletal surgery, their balance, stamina and technique may be affected and prevent them from having the golf game or golf swing they desire.

The NH NeuroSpine Institute Golf Enhancement Program is here to help you get ready for your golf season! We aim to help golfers who feel they have plateaued as far as their performance level is concerned. We specialize in identifying the factors that are limiting each individual’s golf performance and design an exercise program to target those factors. It is extremely important to keep the individual’s fitness level in mind when designing the exercise program. This is what makes our program unlike any other. We assess swing mechanics as they relate to range of motion, strength and balance to determine what may be restricting the player from evolving to the next level. We can then establish a personalized program that will help increase the player’s performance level and enjoyment on the golf course.

Our TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified Physical Therapist, Matthew Harrison, works with each golfer on an individual basis and determines what the player can do to increase their functioning on the golf course. Working with a team of musculoskeletal experts allows Matthew to utilize the knowledge of our providers along with his knowledge as a Physical Therapist to give the best golf performance recovery experience. Please call (603) 472-8888 for more information.

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